Guatemala Axola

Guatemala Axola

Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters are delighted to announce the release of our latest speciality coffee bean, Guatemala Axola. Travelling over five thousand miles, the Guatemala Axola has arrived safely in Brechin ready to roast. This speciality coffee not only comes with great sweet tasting notes but an incredible story that makes this coffee an all-round winner.

Grown in Guatemala on the hills of the Axola Co-operative farm, 1700 meters above sea level, you will find our new coffee bean. If you were to visit the farm you may mistake it for an ordinary farm but you will find something very different there than you would many other farms in Guatemala.


The Axola Co-operative beans are grown by 100% women.


In a male dominant industry very few women are to be seen working on the Guatemalan farms. The few that do unfortunately still in this day of age work for a much lower price than any male worker. Axola Co-operative is one of the very few farms which will pay the women staff the fair price that the male workers get making this farm unique and special.

In late November we had the pleasure to meet Javier Gutierrez Abril and his wife Victoria who are Guatemalan green bean importers, Caribbean Goods based in Glasgow. Javier brought us 10 different beans to try. Straight away we were drawn to the flavours of the Axola coffee and when he told us the story behind the bean, we fell in love with the coffee even more. Javier travels around Guatemala to the farms to ensure every bag of beans is to the highest quality and sees first-hand the process of harvesting. We will attach a link at the bottom of the page if you want to have a closer look at Javiers amazing work.

At Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters we take huge pride in knowing the true journey of each of our selected coffee beans. We want to ensure that we are providing quality roasted coffee and know the hard work the farmers put into growing these beans are paid fairly. As a small independent coffee roaster, we take pride in knowing that the women in Axola are getting paid 100% for their great coffee beans.

The Guatemala Axola coffee is now available both online and in store to purchase. Be sure to look out for our social media accounts to see when we are serving the Axola coffee from our takeaway window. This coffee makes a great flat white and taste brilliant through a filter for those who like their coffee with water.