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Maison Dieu Coffee

Guatemala Axola Coffee

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This Guatemalan coffee has flavours of stone fruits and maple syrup.


Farm- Axola Co-operative

Process- Washed

Altitude- 1700-1775 masl

Origin- Huehuetenango, Guatemala


 The Co-op is located in the region of Huehuetenango, the Cooperativa Agricola Integral Axola R.L. was formed in 1993. Although the region has been known to produce coffee for over fifty years, the Cooperative was born of a desire to assist the local farmers and improve their livelihoods through the production of quality coffee.

The harvest usually occurs from December to April, and is all handpicked before being fully washed and sun dried. To support themselves throughout the year, the community also farms corn and beans. Funds generated though the Cooperative are used to repair common grounds such as the warehouse and mill.