Here’s How 365 FREE Speciality Coffees Could Be Yours

Here’s How 365 FREE Speciality Coffees Could Be Yours

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, we're thrilled to let you know that Maison Dieu opened its second location this Monday - Broughty Ferry’s first and only Speciality Coffee Café.

Launch day was amazing, we’re incredibly grateful for the support, and we’re buzzing to now be serving great-tasting brews at The Ferry 7 days a week.

But if you’re reading this right now, you probably know that already.

And you came here because you want some free coffee.

Don’t we all?

Well, I have 4 words for you:

Maison. Dieu. Black. Card.

“What is a Maison Dieu Black Card?”

A Maison Dieu Black Card is essentially your VIP ticket to free Maison Dieu coffees for an entire year.

Show your black card, get free coffee every day for a year - it's that simple.

“You mean like the Nandos black cards they give out to celebrities?”


Only these black cards aren’t only for celebrities.

YOU could literally have one in your hands by this time tomorrow.

Here’s how:

Last night, a trusted member of the Maison Dieu team strolled around our shiny new Ferry location and carefully tucked THREE Maison Dieu Black Cards into three random bags of speciality coffee throughout the café.

That means that as we speak, there are three opportunities to win £1095 worth of speciality coffee, literally sitting waiting for you at Maison Dieu on Brook Street.

And all you have to do is purchase one bag to have a shot at winning.

Worth grabbing a bag of exceptional coffee that you’ll undoubtably love and drink every day anyways?

We think so.

If you agree, come visit us at the Ferry and find out if its your lucky day.

Mornings become a whole lot more fun when you know you have a free coffee waiting on you, every single day for a year...

P.S. Get all the juicy details here

*EDIT - 2 Black cards have now been found. Only on chance to win £1095 is left, don't miss out!*