About Us

Located in Scotland in the small town of Brechin, Angus, our team at Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters goal is to bring great tasting coffee to our community. Starting as a dream and love for coffee between family and friends, opening a coffee roasters has now become a reality.  
Our coffee is roasted from green in our top of the range 10kg toper roaster by our dedicated coffee loving staff. Our goal is not only to produce great tasting coffee but to help educate fellow coffee lovers the process that goes into making coffee. With our carefully selected range of coffee beans and grinds, we believe we can find the perfect cup for you.
At Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters, sustainability is one of our main core values. All our coffee bags are biodegradable and can be returned to the roasters and placed in our compost bins. Wholesale customers are given refillable buckets to help reduce the amount of waste.
We take pride in the fact that our beans are ethically sourced which can be traced right back to the farms and farmers that grew them. Our specialty beans are sourced from all over the globe and delivered right here to be roasted on site, giving you the freshest cup of coffee we can.
Here at Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters we have a takeaway window open six days a week so customers can try our wonderful range of coffees and treat themselves to our freshly baked cakes. Our staff are here to help select the perfect bag of coffee for use at home and with our grinder on site we can grind the beans for the correct brewing method for those who don't have one at home.
Our online store is here for customers further afield of the Brechin area who would like to taste our beans and with our ever growing blog you can read about our journey as coffee roasters.
Finally we offer our services out to all local cafes and businesses. From supplying our specialty coffee beans to training, we want to spread great tasting specialty coffee. We invite all businesses to into our shop to create the perfect unique blend for their customers and offer personalised branding to bring an extra special touch to each individual business.  
Please feel free to contact us or drop in at the shop where our staff are more than happy to help with any quires