Based in the small town of Brechin, Scotland, our mission is simply to provide great-tasting coffee to our community.

Here's an inside look at how we started and what we've achieved so far...

The Beginning - 2020

Fed up with the lack of great coffee in our hometown, Brechin, we decided it was time to roll up our sleeves and do something about it.

We knew we loved amazing coffee, and we'd been to speciality coffee shops before - so why not try and create our own? After all, how hard could it be?

The Grind - 2020

It turns out opening a Speciality Coffee Roasters with no business experience isn't as easy as it looks - so we got straight to work.

From coffee roasting courses and barista classes to countless hours of research and investments; it certainly wasn't easy, but the knowledge and relationships we nurtured along the way made it worth every long day and sleepless night...

Opening Day - 2021

More than a year after inception, we finally opened the doors to our first (and Brechin's first-ever) Speciality Coffee Roasters.

The support we received from day one was unbelievable. A community sprang to life before our eyes and it's been our mission ever since to give back to that community with everything we do.

Growing Scope - 2022

Our coffee received such a great reception that multiple local cafes started serving it on their own premises, and we'd even host small events at our café to return the love back to our customers.

This was also around when we decided our coffee should to be shared far and wide, so we set up our official online store - offering coffee bags, brewing kits and merchandise to all.

A New Chapter - 2023

Fast-forward to today. The brand we've built shows no signs of slowing down, we've served over 500,000+ coffees so far, and we're excited to have just opened our second (and Broughty Ferry's first) Speciality Coffee Café.

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The Team Behind It All

Since launching in 2021, the secret to our success has always been the dedication of our incredible, hard-working team. Meet the backbone of Maison Dieu below!

  • Euan


  • John


  • Harry


  • Kayley


  • Juliette

    Social Media Co-ordinator

  • Lewis

    Wholesale Co-ordinator

  • Chloe


  • Ava


  • Abbie


  • Holly


  • Laura


  • Alyssa