Know Your Beans, Love Your Coffee

We've simplified speciality coffee by dividing all of our brews into 4 simple-to-understand flavours & colours. It's never been easier to find your favourite speciality coffees!

Chocolate (Orange)

Ideal for newcomers to specialty coffee, Chocolate offers a familiar taste profile with an elevated touch of quality you didn't know you were missing out on.

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Sweet Fruits (Pink)

The next step in your speciality coffee journey - an introduction to fruity and floral tasting notes with a more intense sweetness to enjoy.

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Natural (Purple)

"Natural" refers to a coffee processing method which allows the beans to absorb more of the fruit's sugars, producing a nuanced, wine-like flavour profile.

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Bright Fruits (Yellow)

"Brightness" lifts the citrusy flavours and makes them more alive and dynamic on the tongue. Best appreciated by a seasoned palate.

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Still Not Sure?

Browse all of our single origin beans and house blends side-by-side, and pick out your favourite from the bunch.

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