Maison Dieu: Courier Business Awards Launch Showcase Winners 🏆

Maison Dieu: Courier Business Awards Launch Showcase Winners 🏆

We're thrilled to announce that we clinched our first accolade as a business at a recent Showcase evening hosted by the Courier Business Awards. The nomination and the chance to share our story with the crowd by itself was incredible; but winning was beyond our expectations!

Our deepest gratitude extends to the Courier team for hosting such a great event and allowing us to be a part of it. We also commend the pitches by fellow businesses at the event - their outstanding presentations only reinforced the sense of community and mutual respect we all share as growing businesses in the local area.

At the heart of this accomplishment though, is our loyal community of Maison Dieu coffee-lovers. Your unwavering support is the backbone of our success. We’re so excited to keep delivering exceptional coffee to you for many years to come!

Watch what’s next for Maison Dieu’s journey into the speciality coffee industry live on our socials 👇

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