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Maison Dieu Coffee

3 Cup Moka Pot

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Feature: Easy-to-use coffee maker, suitable for all gas stoves and electric stove tops and propane camping stoves. It makes mocha coffee on a glass-top induction stove, but the heating speed is very slow. This is an easy-to-use stovetop espresso machine, coffee steamer or coffee maker stove.
Distillation Pressure:
1. After the cold water at the bottom is heated, the steam pressure is generated and squeezed toward the outlet.
2. The steam passes through the middle of the powder bowl area, so that the coffee can be heated to extract and maintain the flavor.
3. The extracted espresso is left in the upper pot from the central pipe.
Package Contents: 1 * coffee maker Instructions:
1. Pour water into the lower pot of the Moka pot (do not exceed the pressure relief valve).
2.Put the coffee powder into the powder trough and scrape it flat with a spoon.
3. Tighten the lower part of the mountain and heat it
4. The coffee flows to the upper pot, you can cut off the heat source, pour out and enjoy


• Made in Hong Kong SAR China • Weight: 0.3 lb